Alan Walker's Seasonal Office I run a small farm located a few miles south west of Olney, Illinois. I have  lived in this arAlan Walker loves playing in the dirt!ea with my wife Tina, and our 3 kids, basically forever.

I earned an Associates degree in diesel equipment technology from WVC in Mt. Carmel in 1989, and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture from SIU Carbondale in 1991.

I have been farming my whole life, taking over the family farm in 1999. I started working with computers and precision ag applications out of a need for better variable rate technology (VRT) applications of fertilizer in 1995. I have worked with many brands of precision ag technology on all sorts of equipment, and use it every day.

I have been providing computer tech support services throughout south central Illinois for decades. Visit my computer page for more information on the computer technical support services I provide.

Precision ag and computer technical support and sales in South Central Illinois, including Lawrenceville  l Bridgeport l Sumner l Claremont l Olney l Noble l Clay City l Flora l Iuka l Xenia l Salem l Deitreich l St Marie l Newton l Wakefield l Passport l Mt Erie l Fairfield l Mill Shoals l Norris City l Louisville l Ingraham l West Liberty l Dundas l Calhoun l Parkersburg l Berryville l Lancaster l Allendale l West Salem l Albion l Grayville l Burnt Prairie l Geff l Cisne l Johnsonville l Sims l Orchardville.