Computer Sales, Support and Service

I have been repairing and selling computers since 1999. 

I primarily sell Dell computers, but can help you get any type of hardware you need.  When you buy a product from me, it is set up and ready to run. I install the updates, the antivrus, and your programs and data if needed.

I can come to your location to remove viruses/spyware, and offer solutions to help you avoid getting viruses and spyware again.

I can install long distance networking equipment to get internet from one building to another, set up your wireless networks and troubleshoot problems and offer support with any type of computer equipment or peripheral device. I can diagnose your computer problem and offer advice on the best solutions for upgrades and computer repair or replacement.

I can set up servers, networks and backup solutions. From HIPAA-compliant redundant backups for a doctor’s office, to remote and local networks, to your Aunt June’s problem with her printer, support is only a phone call away.

Data Mapping and Management

Precision ag field data I can perform data mapping and management for precision ag technologyany brand of precision ag equipment. Precision ag systems can improve your yields and lower your costs. I can provide very detailed maps and analysis of your fields, as shown here.

Being an active farmer, I use the precision ag technology every day, and that combined with nearly 20 tyears of experience allows me to solve problems with any brand of ag technology. I can help you get the simplest, yet most effective results from your technology investment, no matter what brand of equipment you are running. When the time comes for you to upgrade your technology, I can help you choose the most cost-effective, reliable precision ag system for your needs.

Precision ag and computer technical support and sales in South Central Illinois, including Lawrenceville  l Bridgeport l Sumner l Claremont l Olney l Noble l Clay City l Flora l Iuka l Xenia l Salem l Deitreich l St Marie l Newton l Wakefield l Passport l Mt Erie l Fairfield l Mill Shoals l Norris City l Louisville l Ingraham l West Liberty l Dundas l Calhoun l Parkersburg l Berryville l Lancaster l Allendale l West Salem l Albion l Grayville l Burnt Prairie l Geff l Cisne l Johnsonville l Sims l Orchardville.