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I am a dealer for Jenner Ag. Whatever color of agricultural equipment you’re running, look to Jenner Ag to take your operation to the next level. Here you’ll find precision electronic equipment including auto-steering and variable rate seed, fertilizer and chemical application for most major brands of tractors, combines and sprayers. Choose from precision equipment that will steer your machine to 1 inch accuracy, provide planting population and chemical/fertilizer control and auto-swath to make sure that overlap areas and uncovered areas are virtually eliminated. Jenner Ag offers products and support for many brands of precision ag equipment. We are also an elite Blue Delta Ag Leader Dealer and a Precision Planting Premiere Dealer.

We also offer products and support for Capstan, Headsight, agXcel, Graham and Kory Farm equipment. Don’t see your brand? I can offer support for all brands, give me a call.
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RTK Base Station Network – South Central Illinois          

rtkbasestations We offer the most comprehensive RTK base station network in south central Illinois. Contact me for base station subscriptions and information.

Jenner Ag owns and services a network of more than 100 RTK base stations, which provides reliable signal correction down to sub-inch accuracy – all at the lowest cost per year available for RTK correction! 

If your location is not on this map, contact me and I can put you in touch with a dealer in your area. We also offer products for precise planting/seeding and fertilizer/chemical application. 

Got Ponds? Need Ditches? New GPS Controlled Leveling System

I can help you level out that pond itractorpan2n the field, or make perfect ditches and waterways.

The system is available to rent with or without the scraper or I can just do the work for you. Contact me if you’d like a demonstration.



Precision ag and computer technical support and sales in South Central Illinois, including Lawrenceville  l Bridgeport l Sumner l Claremont l Olney l Noble l Clay City l Flora l Iuka l Xenia l Salem l Deitreich l St Marie l Newton l Wakefield l Passport l Mt Erie l Fairfield l Mill Shoals l Norris City l Louisville l Ingraham l West Liberty l Dundas l Calhoun l Parkersburg l Berryville l Lancaster l Allendale l West Salem l Albion l Grayville l Burnt Prairie l Geff l Cisne l Johnsonville l Sims l Orchardville.